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You Can Prosper By Principle

You Prosper by Principles. This is the title of a rare financial book written by a Christian elderly man on the history of his journey from financial worries to wealth. He was a farmer as a teenager, a profession that was forced on him by the circumstance of his family. His father had stroke, so he dropped out of school to help his mother, his ailing father and his three other brothers and sister, financially. He became acting breadwinner by default. Things were very rough financially. He would cry every night. But eventually, he became very rich, though behind his contemporaries, at the age of 63years.

When he had his first financial break, he was eager to teach others around him who are struggling. So, the author published his first ever book. Before the final print, the author's cousin came one day asking for financial assistance of N100,000 to start his business. The author gave him only N1,000 and the draft of the book, parting ways with the Chinese Proverb: It is better to teach a man to fish than to give him fish. He called six months later and his cousin confessed he had not read the book but still busy running around to raise the capital for the business until he lost a big opportunity. The day he returned the author's manuscript, to his surprise, the author opened the last page and brought out the cheque of N100,000 he had written in his name. The author only wanted him to get the information that made him rich before he passes on as there may be no one to run so easily.

The author’s story ignited my memory. I saw myself in the light of his plight; how I would fast and pray so much but the money would still not come until I started reading financial books and sifting specific financial rules from the bible. I was particularly fascinated by the author's expalantions on the parable of talents (Matthew 25:14-30). I picked my bible like a newly published book and read the story again. My mind opened up as I began to draw my personal conclusions:

1. God has a PLAN for your finances. Until you get informed on the subject of wealth creation, multiplication and preservation, you may not get the motivation to start making money.

2. Those who don’t learn natural methods (principles) of making money loose divine opportunities.

3. You must take personal responsibility for your financial independence. When you blame others (people or government) for what you don't have, you loose the power of initiatative.

4. Wealth is transferable. Your diligence (hard and common-sense work) determines the proportion transfered to you.

5. Someone has the answer for which you carry the question. So go learn from those who have made money. DO what they did on your level before they 'made it'.

6. Keep your emotions positive; sustain your excitement and personal energy very high every day because money moves inthe direction of energy. Those who complain about money, weeping and gnashing attract less.

When I meditated further, thinking of how to run around, a verse of the holy bible (from Deuteronomy 8:18) broke my line of thought. It brought me to yet another higher order of thought: the success of everything you DO naturally is subject to everything you're GIVEN supernaturally. I therefore came to a more balanced conclusion: 'You succeed by a combination of (natural) principles and (super-natural) power'.

My dear friend, eventhough you work hard, believe you don't have to work for everything you must have. Believe in grace. Believe in the rewards of benevolence. Above all, believe God. These are spiritual sources of power. This should be your focus this new month of September 2008. I pray you will EXPERIENCE UNENDING FINANCIAL GRACE!

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