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Love means different things to different people. It provokes different feelings in different people. Some believe in it. Some think they believe in it and at least I’ve meant someone who does not believe in the idea of love. I think whom you direct your affections towards and yield your feelings to determines your experience and therefore your conclusions about love.

Two years ago, a newly weeded lady would sing praises of her husband to everyone. He was the best man in her world. Her popular phrase was ‘ I just love Him’. If you were not one of her friends, then she’ll warmly add ‘… I mean my husband, Uche’. Sadly enough, just before their divorce a few months back, her song had changed. ‘Don’t trust any man’, she now warns her friends. She had become bitter, battered and emotionally burdened. After seeking counsel and getting healed, she explained that she adored her husband so much he became her world. Anytime they were not out, they were always together.

He would run his finger through her long hair, hold her when they walk along the road and would sometimes insist they stay in bed Sunday mornings just to be with each other only. In short, she adored her husband. Interestingly, her former husband did not even have a lot of money to buy things for her; her income was higher, but she still adored him.

After they separated, she felt a vacuum, a deep longing for love and affection. Then her marriage counselor explained to her she was not the only one in her shoes. Many people love others or things - their cars, properties, profession or accomplishments. It’s just the innate part of us to worship. The adoration she felt for her husband was an expression of worship.

The same way her primary concern was not her ex-husband’s ability to buy a lot of things for her, she could still love someone else who is more stable. But the adoration would only need a slightly different approach. This time the admiration could be offered in songs, sometimes in silence but always with reverence. The new man at the centre of her world would need no introduction and she could still tell your friends, ‘I just love Him’.

The good thing is He never leaves you nor hurts you. Rather, He will heal you and will bless you. His name is Jesus. While people and things you love may walk away, He sticks with you and only takes away your pains, hurts and disappointments. But you must change your love gear to Him. You don’t need to be a professional singer to say ‘I love you Lord’. He doesn’t listen out for your knowledge of the parts of songs or if your rhythm with the keyboard rhymes. One – on – one, He watches out for you secretly; your open-heartedness and especially your reverence. You too, can start today and join in the worship of Jesus, saying ‘I just love to love Him”.

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GMA is the first of its kind and the biggest music reality competition in Africa. It is not a denominational spur, but an act towards inspiring and nurturing young, talented gospel singers in the spirit of true praise and worship, as we seek to celebrate Jesus the more.

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