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The Psychology Of Decision In Public And Personal Evangelism

TO EVANGELIZE is the supreme mission of the church. It is the primary busi­ness of every disciple. It is also the most important work in the universe, because it is the only business the gains of which will survive the wreck of this world and continue to pay dividends in the world that is to come. The Advent Movement is going to end soon with a great unparalleled outburst of Spirit-anointed evangelistic activity in the loud cry.

It is good to raise the question at the be­ginning of this study, What is evangelism? The word evangelize means to announce glad tidings, to bring good news, to con­front people with the evangel in order that they may share in the fullness of life that it bestows. Evangelism begins with the con­viction of the sinner and does not termi­nate until the believer has been conformed to the image of Jesus Christ and taught "to observe all things" that He com­manded. Therefore, evangelism embraces the promotion of all aspects of the Chris­tian life. It is not founded upon a collec­tion of proof texts, but upon the total meaning of the Christian faith itself. The meaning of evangelism cannot be stated more pointedly than by the author of the Fourth Gospel: "These are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ the Son of God and that believing you may have life in his name.

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