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The Idea Of Musical Integrity

A safe assumption would be that musical integrity is the idea of musicians staying true to themselves and their trade. Already, many people share this idea. There is much hubbub in certain communities about music being made only for the money, or just being used as an opportunity to put as many swears into a song as possible. While this may be true, there are many artists who stay true to their craft. There are some, like myself, who see classical music as one of the true forms of music. By true forms, I mean the origins of a certain type of music, such as spirituals and traditional African chants becoming the basis of what is now rap. These “true” forms, as I call them, are still around today, as classical music is still being written and produced, the tribal war chants still take place, etc, etc.

Modern music lays outside of these more archaic genres of music. On the radio, nine out of ten stations will be hip hop, rap, rock, pop, country, and a multitude of other forms of music. It is in staying true to the idea of musicianship that musical integrity comes back into play. Does a person need an extraordinary amount of talent and dedication to make it in the music industry of today? No more than it takes to learn how to create a beat and use Autotune, reply many. One example of this would be Rebecca Black’s “Friday”, the song which took many people in a world of musical pain. Not all songs are bad as this song was, but the idea of musical talent slowly becomes a more distant idea as musical integrity is lost.

A specific example of society’s loss of musical integrity comes from the simple abilities of basic musicianship. Not too long ago, it was all but required for a musician to be able to read the music that is on the page in front of them. That has been dumb-ed down to simply remembering a melody as well as a few finger positions to get by, even to become famous.

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GMA is the first of its kind and the biggest music reality competition in Africa. It is not a denominational spur, but an act towards inspiring and nurturing young, talented gospel singers in the spirit of true praise and worship, as we seek to celebrate Jesus the more.

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