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Therapeutic Effect Of Music

Music is often overlooked as a therapeutic intervention: singing, listening, and creating music of any kind will provide an immediate biological and psychological benefit for everyone. In fact, music can be a salvation and antidote to most psychological challenges: that’s why people sing in the shower and while driving the car, or simply listen to music that’s inspiring and distracting from emotional upset.
Today I learned about the concept of a “break-up tape”, something that is easily created with digital technology. I had never heard the term before but it’s a compilation anyone can make for their I-Pod, Cell Phone, or MP 3 Player of the songs that shout out to them: “Get over it. You’ll be ok. You are ok and you’re not going to let this break-up flatten you."
It doesn’t matter if you’ve been dumped or you are the dumper, ending a relationship that once promised love, companionship, friendship and sex can be terribly debilitating. While grieving is important and psychologically coming to grips with this trauma is vital, sometimes a little "I Will Survive" attitude will help move you along the path to recovery.

About GMA

GMA is the first of its kind and the biggest music reality competition in Africa. It is not a denominational spur, but an act towards inspiring and nurturing young, talented gospel singers in the spirit of true praise and worship, as we seek to celebrate Jesus the more.

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